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How to choose your wedding colours

When supporting modern couples plan the perfect wedding day, I always find there’s a bit of variety in the extent to which each pair expects me to help with their creative planning. Some come fully equipped with a clear design brief and aesthetic goals. Whereas some couples look to me for suggestions and creative guidance when choosing wedding colours and an overall wedding day theme.

Choosing Wedding Colours Doesn’t Have To Be A Daunting Task

Like interior design, colour plays a significant role in setting the scene and vibe for your special celebration. It’s important to note whether you invest in one of our wedding planning sessions or go it alone.

How you choose to use colour in your wedding, where you choose to use colour, and how many hues you choose will truly make your wedding day spectacular. The last thing I want you to do is accidentally cast the wrong tone or create a visually chaotic atmosphere for you and your guests on your special day. 

Don’t Feel Pressured To Follow Wedding Trends

Suppose you are not head over heels with this year’s wedding colours, simply don’t choose them. Most of my client’s wedding engagements average 12 – 24 months. So with wedding trends coming & going so quickly, don’t feel pressured to follow all you see on social media. Chances are, wedding colours and trends would have changed at least twice during your wedding planning phase. Why chase your tail! Because you can???

Many of my clients are comfier playing things safe! So having a helping hand in choosing wedding colours that reflect their personalities without minimising the significance of their love story is always exciting and fun for us all. As a professional London wedding planner, I encourage couples to incorporate key pieces of their love story into their wedding day theme and colour palette.

There’s no need to worry about your wedding day being described as dull or bland with me in your team. Instead, your wedding day will be a unique blend of your love story so far, with a glimpse into what’s to come in the future. Your “personal brand” as you advance as Mr & Mrs…cue the confetti. 

I’m getting carried away and off-topic! So let’s rein things back in ASAP. To save you time choosing your wedding colours and help you avoid the common mistakes Us laid-back luxury planners see couples make when choosing wedding colours. Lets give you a few quick pointers on choosing your wedding colours and avoiding disappointment concerning wedding decor and theme on your wedding day.

1. Choose Wedding Colours You Like

Try to pick colours you love. The colours that make you feel happy, confident and your best. Once my clients narrow down the colours they like, I show them various samples and colour combinations. For example, red could be strawberry red or cherry red. Although they are both red they appear so different to the naked eye. Once we’ve put aside your colour, I’ll assign a Pantone and make a note of it in your personalised brief. Yipee, we’re one step closer to choosing your wedding colour palette.  

2. Don’t Neglect Your Wedding Venues Colours  

When planning a wedding yourself, it’s easy to neglect your wedding venue’s existing colours, this can cause a very dissatisfying aesthetic if overlooked. The cost of covering or hiding any colourful elements you don’t like will be probably noticeable. It will significantly increase your overall wedding expenditure and budget too.

3. Consider The Time Of Day Your Celebration Is Taking Place

I always inform my clients of ways their colours can appear very different in various lighting. Before I share a lookbook or colour pallette with my clients based on their consultation, I head over to their venue with some colour samples & textures. Why? I do this to see how they’ll appear within the venue’s lighting. We also take a quick picture on my mobile phone! As most of your guests will be snapping throughout the day and sharing on social media. So it’s worth seeing how your chosen wedding colours will look on an amateur phone before you commit.

If my clients choose wedding colours that are swallowed up in the atmosphere or lighting of the venue, I suggest ways we can use lighting to bring out the beauty of their chosen wedding colours. For example, we sometimes use candles, up lighters or pin spotlights depending on the atmosphere we are trying to create and how much emphasis our clients want on their colours. The best thing about lighting is that it can be changed throughout the day to create a different ambience quickly. 

Need A Little Inspiration Choosing Wedding Colours For Your Wedding Celebration?

Schedule your complimentary wedding planning consultation here. I’d love to help you choose a selection of wedding colours that reflect your love story & vibes. Save yourself some time and schedule a call or an appointment today.

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