Expert Wedding Planning Tips – How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding?

I guess you’re reading this blog because you want to know how long it takes to plan a wedding in London? Put simply, whether you’re planning your wedding yourself or leaving it to a professional wedding planner, timing is everything. Today our laid-back luxury wedding planner, Marsha, will be answering the all-important question: How early should I start planning my wedding?

How Early Is Too Early To Plan A Wedding In London?

Whatever your circumstances may be… consider this blog your personal guide to deciding how early you want to start planning your wedding in London. First things first, it’s all about finding the right balance. For example, you don’t want to wait too long to plan your wedding and risk losing momentum. Equally you want to give yourselves enough time to revel in your engagement; therefore I’d recommend waiting between four to eight weeks (no more than 12) before jumping into planning a wedding. Once you’re ready to start planning, take it step by step. Remember small steps make giant leaps. It’s not a good idea to try to plan your entire wedding all at once.  

How Quickly Can You Plan A Wedding In London?

Timing is everything! And when you think about the amount of hours that it takes to plan a wedding, this statement certainly couldn’t be more-true for an independent busy bride.  

Whilst we professional wedding planners in London can plan a wedding in almost no time at all. The whole process generally takes a year to two. Don’t fret, a two-year-long engagement may sound like forever, but planning a wedding is a tall task for the modern independent bride. I understand that you maybe: at the peak of your career, have a large family with lots of opinions floating around, run your own business, have gruelling family schedules, or in some cases all four. I understand your pain. Managing your diary is no simple task. So allow yourself anywhere between three months to three years to plan your wedding and you’ll be bang-on the money.  

Planning A Wedding Over Two Years: Top Tips

Decide what your initial wedding outlay is going to be, define your purpose and express an interest with the wedding suppliers you feel may be critical in realising your vision. Many in-demand wedding suppliers and venues are booked a year or more in advance; so getting your ‘dream team’ together on your desired date may present a few challenges. Nothing you can’t handle, just approach this task with an open mind and a degree of flexibility. You’ve got this girl!  

What Are The Benefits Of A Long Engagement?

Deciding to have a long engagement can be a luxury for you. Just think, a longer engagement will allow you to block-out sufficient time from your gruelling schedule so that you can unwind and get on with your wedding planning and diligently select your wedding day dream team.

Planning your own wedding is a project that will demand 100% of your time, so it’s really important to allocate the appropriate level of resource to ensure a return on your investment. If you don’t have the time, simply outsource your wedding planning to a professional wedding planner or purchase consultancy hours. Simple.

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