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How To Get Excited About Planning Your Wedding Again – East London Wedding Planner

Bride at Mollineau Weddings and Events Smiling With Wedding Planner

If the initial engagement vibes have begun to wear off, and you’re overwhelmed by the onslaught of wedding planning decisions you need to make leading up to your wedding day. In that case, you’re not alone. Below, Marsha from Mollineau Weddings and Events will share her advice on how to get excited about planning your wedding again.  What To Do When You’re Totally Over Wedding Planning  As an East London wedding planner, I know from personal experience how easy it is to let your self-care and motivation slip away during this hectic time. Still, it’s an essential component to prevent […]

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London Wedding Coordinator! Do I Need One? – East London Wedding Planner

Black Wedding Planner From Mollineau Weddings And Events Overseeing Venue Set Up

I guess you’re reading this blog because you are considering treating yourself to an affordable London wedding coordinator. Perhaps you are wondering how much you need to budget for a London wedding coordinator? What a London wedding coordinator does. And If you even need a wedding coordinator. Today I, (Marsha lead wedding coordinator from Mollineau Weddings and Events) will be sharing how you could benefit from a wedding coordinator on your wedding day. How Much Does An On The Day Coordinator Cost? First things first. How much does an on the day wedding coordinator cost? Our London wedding coordination services also […]

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The Perfect Wedding Venue In London – East London Wedding Planner

For most modern couples, the first decision after getting engaged is choosing the perfect wedding venue in London or surrounding areas. Finding the ideal wedding venue in London is where an experienced wedding planner can come in handy. That’s me!  As a professional wedding planner in London, I manage numerous wedding vendors relationships. I boast a fantastic portfolio spanning the best wedding venues in London, making it quick and easy to check availability and put you in touch with a venue coordinator to arrange a tour.  With so many things to consider when searching for the perfect wedding venue in London, I thought I’d […]

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4 Reasons You Need A London Wedding Planner – Professional Wedding Planner

As an East London wedding planner I can confirm that our workflows are very detailed. And while detail can be incredible, it can also feel completely overwhelming for brides-to-be. For me, a wedding planning process that my clients can follow is necessary for a great wedding planning partnership and an incredible journey. Planning and coordinating events has enabled me to develop a simple, fool-proof wedding planning process for my team, clients, and wedding planning partners to follow, making our collaboration stress-free and seamless. Phase 1: Planning With A London Wedding Planner The first phase of wedding planning is just that: […]

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Plan A Wedding Like A Pro – East London Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Shows Bride How To Plan Like A Pro

So you want to plan a wedding like a pro? As a wedding planner in London, I come across so many modern couples that are interested in the idea of planning their wedding like a pro. I don’t blame them as it’s so rewarding – trust me. Before taking the plunge and planning your wedding like a pro, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the skills and personality traits that may come in handy.  How Hard Can It Be To Plan A Wedding Like A Pro? Most of my modern couples have a good idea of what […]

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8 Essential Wedding Guest List Tips – Professional Wedding Planner

Wedding Guest List Tips

An essential start to planning your wedding in London is to start your wedding guest list early – a task easier said than done, right? My husband and I dreaded the idea of trimming loved ones off of our wedding guest list. We only had a handful of friends, but both came from huge families, so a small intimate wedding in London would have been a very tall order.  Pre COVID-19, many couples had the choice to invite all of their loved ones to their wedding. Sure, they’d have the usual wedding guest list considerations we’re all accustomed to: logistics, budget and […]

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