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So you want to plan a wedding like a pro? As a wedding planner in London, I come across so many modern couples that are interested in the idea of planning their wedding like a pro. I don’t blame them as it’s so rewarding – trust me. Before taking the plunge and planning your wedding like a pro, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the skills and personality traits that may come in handy. 

How Hard Can It Be To Plan A Wedding Like A Pro?

Most of my modern couples have a good idea of what planning a wedding entails. In most cases, they’ve successfully planned family celebrations many times before. During our discovery calls, words such as creativity, trends and etiquette always pop up. However, once we get through our consultation, they soon realise that there are significant differences between planning a celebratory event for family and friends and planning one professionally for themselves. Trust me; it can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. If you have hefty commitments such as work, family life, studying, and so on you may want to hire a London planner.

1. Time Management Is Key To Planning A Wedding Like A Pro

As professional wedding planners, we are often asked how long it takes to plan a wedding in London, UK? It’s difficult to put an exact timeframe on how long it takes to plan a wedding in London, as no two couples are ever the same. However, in my experience as a laid-back luxury planner, a modern wedding can take up to 500+planning hours. That’s the equivalent of 20 days working around the clock or four full weeks, give or take!

Experienced event planners in London, will tell you that you can be on your feet anywhere between 12 – 18 hours on the wedding day itself! Plus, no matter how much you plan, I can guarantee you will be spread pretty thin if you decide to coordinate your wedding day without the presence of a professional wedding coordinator.

2. What Are The Must-Have Skills You Need To Plan A Wedding Like A Pro?

Communication! Whether you want to know how to plan a simple wedding in London or an extravagant wedding celebration in London. You need excellent communication skills. As an award-winning planner, I spend a large proportion of my time liaising with clients and wedding vendors.

To plan your wedding successfully, you need to get your message across clearly to all who will be involved in your big day! Guests, suppliers and your bridal party alike. Communicating your wedding plans effectively (oral and written) will help you manage expectations. Plus, you’ll achieve your wedding planning goals on time and within budget and without the stress!

For me, relationships with vendors are as meaningful as relationships with clients. As a professional London wedding planner, I’ve developed strong relationships with both throughout the years, which has enabled client referrals and the opportunity to source great vendors and exclusive pricing to my clients. 

If communicating well is not within your skill-set, you run the risk of your instructions being less transparent. Which could lead to everyone involved in your big day having a far from positive experience. You just need to watch an episode of “don’t tell the brideto catch my drift. 

3. Next Up Is Organisation And Attention To Detail

These two traits are the one’s Mollineau Weddings & Events most associate with their role of wedding coordinators in London, and for a good reason. 

Learning how to plan a wedding like a pro is all about the detail. So your event’s success may depend on how you respond to being in the thick of things, especially if planning your wedding without the presence of a London wedding coordinator from Mollineau Weddings & Events.

Don’t be put off if you’re not the most organised person or attention to detail is not your thing. As a professional wedding planner, my role is to offer you solutions to make your wedding planning journey stress-free. 

Us award-winning wedding planners in London, specialise in lending a helping hand and spending time with modern couples. I enjoy developing strategies, processes and systems to keep you organised and on track, resulting in a stress-free wedding planning experience and a wonderful wedding day. I invite you to find out more about our wedding planning sessions and Q&A.

4. Resourcefulness Is Key To Planning A Wedding Like A Pro

Resourcefulness is key! A good wedding planner in London is a great problem solver. If you can spring into action when there’s a crisis – then you may enjoy the challenges coordinating your wedding brings. 

Take a moment to think about how you managed a situation that didn’t go to plan. How did you feel? How did those involved or around you feel? Would you like that feeling on your wedding day or during your wedding planning journey? If not, a wedding planning session may be just what you need. 

Don’t worry if you get discombobulated when something goes wrong; not everybody wants to make lemonade of lemons! The good news is, you can still plan your wedding by yourself; however, you may find it less stressful if you use our on-the-day management services for London weddings.

The key benefit of hiring a wedding coordinator from Mollineau Weddings & Events is that you can hand over your wedding plans to an award-winning coordinator like me. I’ll tie everything together by dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. Essentially I’ll be your wedding project manager eight to twelve weeks in the lead up to your big day.

5. Creative Thinking Will Help

Creativity is definitely required to plan a wedding like a pro. Sure, savvy shopping is high on the list of planning your wedding and hats off to you if you can sew a button or mend a hem! But for Mollineau Weddings and Events, a good wedding planner in London is a creative thinker, especially if you want your weddings to reflect your personalities and uniqueness. 

Suppose you struggle with taking a seed of an idea and creating something magical. In that case, it may be worth scheduling a planning session with Mollineau Weddings & Events. I can help ignite your imaginative spark, whether that’s drawing inspiration from your favourite date night or narrowing down your ideas from social media – it’s incredible what we can achieve within an hour or so!

Are You Ready To Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro?

There you have it; I’ve shared a shortlist of skills and personality traits you may need to consider before you take the plunge and plan your wedding. So, are you ready to go it alone? If yes be sure to keep us up to speed with your progress. If you want a helping hand schedule a chat with me today; I’d love to hear your plans. 

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