Wedding Etiquette & Advice – How To Announce Your Engagement In Style

As soon as he (or she) has proposed and you say yes! You may feel rushed to share your news and excitement with every and anyone. While you might see other people post engagement announcements all over their social media feeds in what feels like seconds after it happens. You don’t have to feel pressured to do the same. I’ve put together a few dos and don’ts of how to announce your engagement in style.

Don’t Announce Your Engagement On Social Media Too Soon

If you were fortunate enough to have someone around to snap a photo of the big moment, hold off sharing on social media for now. There will be plenty of opportunities to share. You are no way obliged to share your news straight away. To avoid drama, give your engagement announcement a little bit of thought before you share a cute ‘ I sad yes’ selfie on Instagram

Do Tell Your Family Your Engagement News First

As a laid back luxury wedding planner, I’m in favour of the traditional engagement announcement etiquette – with a modern twist! I think it’s a really nice touch if both sets of parents are the first to be informed. If you possibly can, do so in person: face-to-face or remotely. If your parents don’t yet know each other, I suggest you make plans for them to meet. Perhaps, loosen them up with a glass of Champagne followed by a celebratory meal. 

Don’t Discuss Wedding Planning During Your Engagement Announcement To Family

If the topic of wedding guest lists or financial contributions pops up in conversation – avoid it like the plague. Instead, respond by explaining that you’re focusing the next few weeks on announcing your engagement to friends & family. And welcome the opportunity to discuss wedding planning once things have sunk in. 

If there are any children involved from prior relationships (or ex-spouses) think about how they’d feel if they heard the news from someone other than yourselves. Put yourself in their shoes and consider telling them sooner rather than later.

Do Announce Your Engagement To Your Inner Circle AKA ‘Your Besties!’

Now that you’re done with all the formalities, you’ll probably want to announce your engagement from the rooftops!. So if you can, round up your inner circle as soon as you possibly can. Pop the bubbly and share your good news. Use the time to share a sneak peak of your proposal pics (on your phone only), as your friends may accidentally leak your photos.

If you can’t meet in person, arrange a virtual catch-up or call them to announce your engagement. From here the celebration will build momentum very quickly, so get your news out to the most important people ASAP to avoid hurt feelings! Don’ feel pressured into to choosing your bridal party at this stage – there’s plenty time for that. 

Don’t Miss Anyone Off Your List

Before you announce your engagement on social media, tell your siblings, other close family members and anyone else who may not be au fait with social media. People get really funny about engagements, so I’d recommend doing a quick check through your phone contacts list to ensure you haven’t missed anyone else who will be easily offended if they’re left out! 

Do Announce Your Engagement On Social Media

Ok, now it’s time to share the #shesaidyes hashtag! Be ready for your phone to ring, social media ‘likes’ to clock up and engagement gifts to start pouring in! Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to receive one of our Wedding Planning ‘Power Hours Gift Cards. Be sure to keep track of your engagement cards & gifts with our handy gift list tracker which includes a handy ‘thank you’ card wording advice. 

Wishing you all the best with your wedding planning journey!

Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths | Laid-back Luxury Wedding Planner

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