Wedding Planning Sessions With Marsha

Ready to plan your wedding like a pro?

Is it possible to plan your own wedding? Put simply, yes! With Mollineau Weddings & Events wedding planning sessions.

Creating the perfect wedding day is all about organisation, details, style, ambience, and logistics for Marsha.  Firstly, as an award-winning wedding planner, she’s well equipped to help you plan your wedding celebration. Secondly, consult on its design. Thirdly, she’ll help you successfully manage your expectations. Moreover, Marsha will help you apportion your wedding budget without you feeling overwhelmed.

Above all, Marsha’s known to have taken on the most challenged budgets and elevate her client’s expectations with ease throughout her career. In conclusion, whether you’re planning a garden soirée, chic celebration at home or a multicultural wedding weekend in London, Marsha’s wedding planning sessions will help you achieve the wedding day you’ve been picturing all along.

For instance, there’s no need to worry if you’re not sure what type of wedding celebration you want. In addition to her recent achievements, Marsha’s wedding planning sessions have a reputation of igniting an imaginative spark with modern couples, regardless of what stage of wedding planning they are at.

Moreover, Marsha’s wedding planning sessions, are a quick and easy way to get affordable expert help and guidance in planning your wedding day your way.

Want to know more? Firstly, scroll down to access the full range of wedding planning sessions Marsha has on offer this month. Secondly, select a convenient date and time to meet with Marsha.  Thirdly, you can make a payment. After that, Marsha will be in touch.

Similarly you can contact Marsha before hand to discuss your wedding planning needs.


Wedding Planning Consultancy Hours

Planning a wedding can be time-consuming and overwhelming, which is why our East London Wedding Planner Marsha is always happy to take on and give expert advice on the wedding planning tasks you want instant relief from.
Marsha's wedding planning consultancy hour's, also known as wedding planning Q&A, is an ideal solution for modern couples who wish to plan their weddings themselves and welcome the reassurance from a wedding planner from time to time.
During your wedding planning consultation hour, you'll have the opportunity to chat through your wedding planning dilemmas, leaving no stone unturned. Marsha will share her top tips and answer any specific questions and concerns you have via email, phone or virtually.
It's incredible what you'll achieve together in 30 minutes. You will leave feeling confident, refreshed and ready to continue your wedding planning journey with extra enthusiasm and renewed excitement.
This service is terrific value for money and guarantees you the success of planning your wedding yourself. With expert guidance and advice, you will have all of the information needed to move forward and create your dream wedding with confidence.

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Wedding Planning Sessions

Our East London wedding planner, Marsha's wedding planning sessions, are a quick and easy way to get expert help and guidance in planning your wedding without a full-time wedding planner on board.


Forget online templates and one-size-fits-all advice. Marsha's advice is tailored to you and geared towards saving you time and avoiding costly wedding planning blunders. Her style is warm, honest and empathetic, and she loves to share her knowledge and empower others.


You'll come away buzzing with fresh insights to achieve great things on your wedding day, plus handpicked recommendations from her robust network of suppliers and industry contacts.


With expert guidance and advice, you will have all of the information needed to move forward and create your dream wedding with confidence.


In addition to weddings, Marsha's wedding planning sessions can also be used to help with engagement parties, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, showers and more.


If you'd like to save yourself some time and money and avoid burnout, arrange your wedding planning session with Marsha today.

Ready to plan your wedding like a pro?

How much does a wedding cost in the UK
Wedding Budget Session

If you are recently engaged or mid-way through your wedding planning & wondering how much a wedding in London costs, Marsha's got you covered.
There's often a misconception that wedding planning services in London are for the wealthy bridezilla or modern couples with celebrity status. The truth is, all of Marsha's couples at Mollineau Weddings & Events are very different, and so too are their wedding budgets and reasons for hiring Her as their Wedding Planner in East London and surrounding areas.
If you’re worried that the wedding you want may not align with what you can afford, give Marsha a call. She understands that figuring out your wedding budget can be confusing, especially if you've never planned an event of this magnitude before.
If you anticipate that setting your wedding budget is going to be stressful or challenging and want to nail down exactly how much bang you can get for your buck in London, a wedding budget planning session with Marsha is perfect for you.
She can help you apportion your budget with ease so that there are no nasty financial surprises mid-way through your wedding planning.

Wedding Venue Search

The first big decision is made, you're getting married in London. The second is where and the third is when are you getting married?
Finding the perfect wedding venue in London is not always easy. Finding the right balance between stunning, affordable and without the obligation of using only wedding suppliers recommended by the venue - can be time-consuming and difficult.
If you feel overwhelmed by the choices of finding a wedding venue in London with or without outdoor space, let Marsha do the legwork for you.
She will source venues according to your wedding budget and desired theme and then supply you with a proposal of options.
If you'd like to save yourself some time and move onto the fun side planning, book a venue search meeting with Marsha today.

All Of Your Wedding Questions Answered

  • Scheduling, wedding timelines and logistics
  • Apportioning your wedding budget and controlling costs
  • Help with finding, negotiating, and booking suitable wedding vendors in London
  • Wedding supplier management and contracts
  • Wedding venue selection and survey
  • Any stage from brainstorming to detailed wedding planning… and more

Here's What Marsha's Client's Have to Say About Here Wedding Planning Sessions

East London wedding planner, Marsha values all of our clients.. Here’s a snippet of what her wedding planning session clients are saying about her.

Marsha gave great advice to support the planning of our wedding, we were able save £££'s using her expertise and knowledge.

Her suggestions and recommendations were based on her experience and inside knowledge. Her professionalism and attention to detail were impressive. For peace of mind choose Mollineau Weddings & Events!

S & P - Autumn 2021

Thank you for sending this information across. We have gone ahead with your recommended supplier and ordered the vegan suit for our groomsman.

The suit was a perfect match and fit.

A & A - Autumn 2021

Thank you for your time and insights. It is very clear to us that you are experienced in working with couples to deliver the wedding day the envisioned.

We are very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism.

C & C Summer 2021

Thank you so much for the inspirational wedding mood boards. We are really impressed that you have taken the time to research our wedding venue and include the hall's blue accents within the theme.

L & S Summer 2022 Bride & Groom To Be