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If the initial engagement vibes have begun to wear off, and you’re overwhelmed by the onslaught of wedding planning decisions you need to make leading up to your wedding day. In that case, you’re not alone. Below, Marsha from Mollineau Weddings and Events will share her advice on how to get excited about planning your wedding again. 

What To Do When You’re Totally Over Wedding Planning 

As an East London wedding planner, I know from personal experience how easy it is to let your self-care and motivation slip away during this hectic time. Still, it’s an essential component to prevent stressful planning and everything spiralling out of control.

How Do I Stop Being Overwhelmed With My Wedding Planning?

If your wedding planning to-do list takes up all of your time, you do not know what to do next, or the well-intentioned “how’s the wedding planning going” remarks make you want to shut down and hide, I recommend you hit the pause button now! 

Please grab a cup of coffee, your favourite biscuits, curl up on the sofa, and delve into my five sanity-saving tips to help you get your wedding planning back on track. I’ll be sharing invaluable solutions to make your wedding planning process enjoyable. Follow my wedding planning advice, and you’ll be counting down the days until your “I do’s” feeling confident and stress-free in no time.

1. Tackle Each Wedding Planning Task In Order Of Importance To You

Suppose you’re looking for ways to get excited about planning your wedding planning again. First things first! Before tackling your wedding task list, you must first rediscover your wedding purpose and prioritise. This process will involve you and your better half uncovering why you decided to have a wedding in the first place. I recommend you decide on no more than three priorities for your big day and make a pact not to stress over anything that falls outside of those priorities. 

I always encourage my brides and grooms-to-be to focus on just one task at a time; this prevents information overload and limits confusion caused by all the different options, which often leads to you second-guessing yourself. Trust me; you’ve got this! 

If you’d like a helping hand, then a wedding planning session with Mollineau Weddings & Events can assist you. I’m always available to reassure you about where to start, apportioning your budget or talk through anything else causing you to worry. Simply arrange a complimentary consultation here.

2. Set Realistic Deadlines For Completion & Celebrate Your Wins

At Mollineau Weddings & Events, we’re known to have planned weddings in 8 weeks; however, it is very rare. For instance, there’s a high possibility that You will not plan your wedding in a week. So take your time. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure by procrastinating. 

If you want to get excited about planning your wedding planning again. I suggest you create a basic timeline centred around your availability. Include all of your tasks which should be actioned by priority. When you accomplish a task, give yourself a special treat to stay motivated. Perhaps a favourite chocolate bar, a picnic in the park or a trip to your favourite restaurant. The choice is yours.

If you do not have time to action, all tasks within your timeline and wedding planning has ground to a halt. You may benefit from delegating a few errands to a professional wedding planner. Consider making contact sooner rather than later.

3. Go Off The Grid 

It’s important to sign off from wedding planning when you want or need to. I recommend you set up a dedicated email for wedding planning purposes and communication. That way if it all feels that the planning is getting too much, you can switch on your out-of-office reply and go off the grid for a week or two without running the risk of missing important communication from your pre-wedding planning lives.

I know it sounds extreme. But not looking at your social media accounts, wedding emails, or colossal binder filled with the paperwork you’ve collected over the years will do you some good!

Use the downtime as a necessary period to enjoy some non-wedding fun with your friends, self-care, or do whatever else you’d like to do to relax.

If my clients don’t feel motivated to attend a low key outing, I send them a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. Gently encouraging them to take at least one night off and agree not to talk about wedding planning. It’s an excellent opportunity to reconnect and remember what it was like before wedding planning took over your lives.

If you’ve already tried some relaxing activities and still found yourself fixating on the latest wedding hurdle. You might want to take an entirely different approach by releasing some endorphins! Get your adrenaline pumping by going for a swim, boxercise, or some extreme sport may help get rid of your frustration.

4. Outsource Some Of Your Responsibilities

If you find going off the grid, relaxation or releasing endorphins doesn’t help; it’s time to outsource! 

Wedding planning burnout is common and usually means that you are not delegating enough. Please chat with your better half, establish what is taking too much of your time, and entrust it to a professional. For example, is your household chores or walking the dog are taking up too much of your time? If yes, hiring a temporary cleaner or subscribing to a dog walking service could be the silver bullet to reclaiming your time. If all fails, it’s time to arrange a consultation with a wedding planner.

5. Get Support Managing Your Anxiety 

The best way to handle the mentally trying aspects of your wedding planning journey is to take measured steps to prepare yourself and address any concerns you foresee as early as possible.

Weddings are emotional, high-stress situations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by societal pressure, family expectations, not to mention the hefty price tag! 

So if after all the advice I’ve given you still feel worried about the whole experience. Or your excitement about getting married has plummeted to the point of no return – don’t stress. 

The good news is that with some advanced planning and some help from a professional therapist, there are so many ways to make your wedding planning journey a little more manageable. Just drop me a line if you’d like a recommendation from the UK. I know an excellent therapist who’d love to help. 

How To Get Excited About Planning Your Wedding Again

And that’s a wrap guys! In summary, my 5 tops tips on how to get excited planning your wedding again.

  1. Tackle one thing at a time during your planning and be methodical
  2. Celebrate your wins! Have regular rest bite and keep your relationship a top priority. 
  3. Create a joint wedding email account, so it’s separate from personal stuff, don’t forget to separate your social media accounts or switch off notifications. 
  4. Outsource to a professional.
  5. It’s ok not to be ok! A therapist can help if you need advice on managing your worries.

Drop me a line if you’ve found my advice helpful. 

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Written By Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths | Award-Winning East London Wedding Planner

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