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As an East London wedding planner I can confirm that our workflows are very detailed. And while detail can be incredible, it can also feel completely overwhelming for brides-to-be. For me, a wedding planning process that my clients can follow is necessary for a great wedding planning partnership and an incredible journey.

Planning and coordinating events has enabled me to develop a simple, fool-proof wedding planning process for my team, clients, and wedding planning partners to follow, making our collaboration stress-free and seamless.

Phase 1: Planning With A London Wedding Planner

The first phase of wedding planning is just that: planning. As a London wedding planner I will first establish an appropriate budget for a wedding in London and surrounding areas.

It’s no secret that everyone wants their wedding day to create everlasting memories for all the right reasons. In reality, often that can mean that weddings are costly affairs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the wedding you’ve always dreamt of within budget. All you need to do is apportion your wedding expenditure well and decide how to pay for your big day! Alternatively, book a planning session with an East London wedding planner: Me, Marsha from Mollineau Weddings & Events, and I’ll break down your wedding budget for you.

As a professional East London wedding planner with a strong background in finance; I inform my clients of the many ways they can finance a wedding in the UK. Whether they decide to dip into a tidy sum, they have set aside, use contributions from loved ones, a loan or a credit card which offers an additional blanket of protection. I encourage my modern couples to fix their wedding budget very early on.  

During this wedding planning phase, I break down their wedding budget and apportion their fixed costs. Early on, providing a wedding budget breakdown enables me to pair my modern couples with the best London wedding suppliers in my portfolio in line with their wedding budget needs. This is why it’s vital to have a clear plan on how much your wedding might cost and how you will pay for it, as it will be the primary driver for all other decisions.

Phase 2: Wedding Design Made Easy

It’s pretty standard for your wedding vision to be a little all over the place at this stage. A wedding inspiration board is one of the best ways to gather your thoughts and create a clear game plan. Suppose you have a Pinterest wedding board and have been pinning to it since college – great. If you’re comfortable handing it over to me, I’ll break your Pins down into subsections. This will help all your wedding professionals, aka your wedding day dream team, bring your vision to life. 

If you’re struggling with wedding planning inspiration, my wedding planning sessions for Brides-to-be are a great way to ignite an imaginative spark or two.

Whether you’re a DIY couple or working with a professional London wedding planner, it’s important to have visuals of what you like, from fonts to fabric swatches. Once I have all of your ideas, your vision board will act as a road map, and all the decisions you have to make going forward really fall into place – easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

By the end of this wedding design phase, we would understand and feel what you want for your wedding day. I would have created a digital wedding look-book. Our look-books will act as a reference point for your wedding planning journey. It will list all of the details.

As your London wedding planner, I’ll be working with many different wedding pros on your behalf. For example florists and caterers. And I’ll frequently be asked for examples of what you like. Therefore the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true when trying to explain your clients take on ballroom glam. 

Phase 3: Wedding Coordination With A London Wedding Planner

The wedding coordination phase is where you see your ideas come to fruition. I’ll introduce you to the perfect partners from our established network of award-winning suppliers and the fun continues.

As a London wedding planner, my role is to facilitate all the moving parts of your wedding day; coordination helps do just that! If you are a bride who has hired us for wedding day management only. This is where I’d jump on board. 

Phase 4: Execution 

Fast forward to the month of your wedding day. This is when all the magic happens. In the weeks leading up to your wedding day, I’m sending out final timelines and handling emails and logistics for you. 

Preferably I don’t want you touching your inbox; my goal as your London wedding planner is to ask you the least amount of questions and be the liaison between your wedding day dream team and your guests. I coordinate your rehearsals the night before your wedding, and my team provide unlimited hours of service to you as hosts on your wedding day.   

What’s Your Thoughts?

And that’s a wrap! A London wedding planner’s process for planning a wedding in London. Please feel free to share our post, moreover connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like to stay in touch. Alternatively arrange a chat with me, I’d love to hear your plans.

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Written By Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths | Award-Winning East London Wedding Planner

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