Hidden wedding costs are known to have caught the most diligent brides by surprise! Especially during COVID-19. If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you have a quick read through my step-by-step guide to setting your wedding budget – stress free. If you’re already up-to speed, go ahead and enjoy reading my hidden wedding expenses blog.

1. Engagement Ring Care

Many of you were presented with a beautiful sparkly engagement ring. However, overtime you may find that your little beauty may loose a little bit of her shine. Don’t panic! This is entirely normal. The use of hand sanitiser, soaps, makeup & cosmetics, plus a little wear and tear, can cause your engagement ring to look a little dull. Which is why you should have your engagement ring professionally cleaned once in a while.

If you’re wondering how often you should have your engagement ring cleaned and the costs associated, look no further. Here, I outline a few hidden wedding costs of ensuring your engagement ring is in tip-top shape for all of your pre-wedding appearances. 

I personally allocated 10% of my engagement ring value for a professional clean. And I wasn’t disappointed at all! My family jeweller had my engagement ring looking it’s best in no time. Within 24 hours, me and my engagement ring were ready to strut our stuff – cue Beyoncé ‘single ladies’ (put a ring on it).

2. Jewellery Care Kit

My ring made a star appearance at our professional engagement shoot, our engagement party and last but not least our wedding day. This should be obvious, right? If I was given a £1, each time a bride forgot to include the cost of cleaning her engagement ring in her wedding budget – I’d be the richest wedding planner in London! 

Please don’t stress if you’re unable to get your engagement ring professionally cleaned. For instance, you could always ask your jeweller for advice. They’ll be best placed to recommend an at home cleaning kit, which usually costs between £25 – £50. Just make sure that all of your wedding jewellery is glistening in time for your big day. The last thing I want, is for you to look back at your wedding photos with any regret. 

3. The Hidden Costs Of A Wedding Website

Is a wedding website, one of your hidden wedding costs? I hope not. Opting for a personalised wedding website was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. We were lucky enough to get married in 2019. During this time there was a lot of uncertainty due to Brexit. We found our wedding website was the best platform to bring all of our 300 guests together in once place – virtually. Plus it served as an excellent reference point for us all – guests, bridal party and suppliers included. 

With virtual weddings becoming more popular these days, in addition to traditional wedding stationary, a wedding website is a fantastic way to set the tone for your big day and give your guests a glimpse of what to expect. Just think, your guests will be given an incredible opportunity to gain an insight into your relationship and get to know your bridal party at their own pace. You can even set-up alerts to notify your guests of any last minute changes. 

Depending on the functionality, aesthetic and length of time you’d like your wedding website ‘live’. You should allocate £100 – £250 for the design and hosting of your wedding website. £250 – £500 if planning your wedding during COVID-19. You may find my wedding planning power hours handy if you need help writing your content.

While the main purpose of a wedding website is to assist ‘all’ in the lead up to your wedding day. For me, it served as a beautiful memento. A beautiful keepsakes for me and my family to reflect on many years after my wedding day.

4. The Costs Associated With Storing Your Wedding Dress

Whether you’re considering an elopement or need to store your wedding dress before or after your wedding day. I’d highly recommend you purchase a luxury wedding dress storage box with acid free tissue paper. This will protect your dress from any damage. I remember having to purchase several boxes: 1 for my wedding dress, 1 for my veil and a few for my flower girls and bridesmaids. Depending on the size of your dress, layers and veil length, a good quality dress storage box can cost anywhere between £75 – £200.

5. Wedding Dress Alterations

When searching for my own wedding dress, I quickly learnt that wedding dresses are not made to measure! Most brides will need some kind of alteration to ensure their dress fits them perfectly. Whether that’s adding 25 bustles as I did or raising the hem, each alteration will soon add-up. So I’d recommend you set aside 15% – 20% of your entire wedding dress budget for alterations. 

6. The Hidden Wedding Costs For COVID-19 Safety Measures

As if planning a wedding budget isn’t tough enough, you now have to factor in a global pandemic! During COVID-19, all couples should include a wedding budget line for COVID-19 safety measures. For instance, to keep your guests safe, its likely you’ll need to foot the bill for hand sanitiser, face coverings and possibly testing.

If you’re struggling to put together a wedding budget, or need help with anything else don’t be afraid to ask. For instance, you may want to consider my wedding planning services. Alternatively my wedding planning power hours have been very popular during the pandemic.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths, Laid-back Luxury Wedding Planner

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