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I guess you’re reading this blog because you are considering treating yourself to an affordable London wedding coordinator. Perhaps you are wondering how much you need to budget for a London wedding coordinator? What a London wedding coordinator does. And If you even need a wedding coordinator. Today I, (Marsha lead wedding coordinator from Mollineau Weddings and Events) will be sharing how you could benefit from a wedding coordinator on your wedding day.

How Much Does An On The Day Coordinator Cost?

First things first. How much does an on the day wedding coordinator cost? Our London wedding coordination services also referred to as on-the-day wedding management or on-the-day coordination services, are expertly designed with modern couples in mind. Fore example, most of our couples either have hectic schedules, planning from overseas, therefore want the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the whole experience as their guests will.  

Secondly, the costs of a London wedding day coordinator varies. And is dependent on the number of locations, the number of hours. Your expected guest count, and logistics. When delivering our wedding budget consultancy packages, I advise my clients to ring-fence a minimum of £999. For instance, if £999 isn’t achievable for you, don’t worry. You can find out a little more about coordinating your own wedding day here or arrange a planning session with me here

What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do -UK?

So what does a London wedding coordinator do? There seems to be a fundamental misconception towards wedding coordinators in London at the moment! For instance, as a London wedding coordinator, I hear the following phrases often. Firstly it’s “I’m super organised; why do I need a planner.” Secondly it’s “We just can’t afford one within our wedding budget.” Thirdly, it’s “I already know what I’m doing, besides our venue has a planner, so we’re cool, thanks.” 

However, I always explain that although London wedding coordinators’ responsibilities vary ever so slightly. Importantly appointing a family member, friend, or even maid-of-honour to be responsible for troubleshooting on your big day puts a real dampener on their wedding day vibe. 

The frequency of conversations or the access you have to your month-of coordinator may vary. Rest assured, you can get in touch with a coordinator at Mollienau Weddings and Events as soon as you have completed the onboarding process. And you’ll have direct access to my diary.  

Some Examples Of What You May Want To Discuss With Me Are:

  • Contract reviews and supplier recommendations.
  • Venue walkthrough’s and liaison with your caterers.
  • Detailed wedding day timeline creation.
  • Family photo groupings.
  • Ceremony rehearsals.
  • Smoothing overt minute changes.
  • Drafting floor plans and finalising reception layouts.
  • How we can release your time.
  • The list is endless.

How Do I Pick A Wedding Coordinator For The Day?

Our London wedding coordinator’s at Mollineau Weddings & Events benefit couples who have completed most of their wedding planning and want a little assistance putting their wedding plans into practice. Moreover, with us running the show, you can enjoy the weeks leading up-up to your wedding day. More importantly, I want you to be a happy host – not a hassled project manager.

In conclusion, it’s best practice to appoint a London wedding coordinator sooner rather than later. Yep the sooner, the better! At Mollineau Weddings and Events, we reach out to your wedding vendors and suppliers approx. 60-90 days before your big day. It’s easy to feel that your wedding suppliers are neglecting you. For example you may feel they are slow in responding to emails. However, this is not usually the case. The wedding and events industry is fast-paced. Therefore, contacting your wedding suppliers earlier than the 90-day mark may mean that they are focused on other weddings.

If you’d like to know more about our London wedding coordination services. Contact me today. 

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