Engagement Advice – 10 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement! I guess you’re thinking of kickstarting your wedding planning process very soon. From taking a ring selfie to setting a budget, here are 10 things you need to do as soon as you get engaged. 

1. As Soon As You Get Engaged, Call Your Loved Ones!

First things first. As soon as you get engaged, notify your loved ones as soon as possible. The last place they should have to hear about your exciting news is on social media or through the grapevine!

Call them personally and tell them your fabulous news together. Unbeknownst to you, they probably already know what’s happened and have been waiting by the phone patiently for your call. Be sure to let them know to keep your engagement under wraps, especially if you want a little more time to come to terms with what’s just happened. I remember being in a daze for a week or two. 

2. Get A Manicure

As soon as you get engaged, you’ll find that your hands will be the topic of conversation and in the spotlight for the next few months. The perfect excuse to treat yourself to a manicure. I’d recommend a gel mani, it lasts longer. If you’d prefer the natural look, make certain your nails are professionally cleaned, filed and shaped. This will ensure your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the lady at the supermarket checkout are focused on your beautiful engagement ring instead of your chipped nail polish. 

3. Make An Official Announcement  

Ready to share your news with the world? Take a cute picture of you and your fiancé or a ring selfie if you prefer. It’s time to share the news with your extended network. Prepare to receive a flood of emails, direct messages and cards congratulating you both on your lovely news. Be sure to thank everyone for their well wishes.

Making an announcement at work? Be sure to bring-in some treats. Your colleagues will want to hear all about the proposal. It would be lovely to tell them all about your surprise over a coffee and slice of cake.

4. Officially Celebrate

As soon as you get engaged, it’s officially time to round up some of your favourite people and go out for a celebratory meal. Alternatively, arrange a date night with your hubby to be. Do share your news in advance with the Head Waiter (or Maître) and ask them to surprise your fiancé with something special. It’s a lovely way to thank him for your beautiful proposal. I’d suggest a romantic message inscribed on a dessert or a customised cocktail to express your love for him, the list is endless. Give me a call if you need some inspiration

5. Insure Your Engagement Ring 

Your fiancé has planned everything perfectly for you. He’s studied your style, selected the perfect ring and has invested a considerable amount of money.

So insuring your ring is non-negotiable. When added as an extension to your homeowner or tenant/renter insurance policy, it’s surprisingly inexpensive. If you need help finding an insurance company, drop me a line. I’d be more than happy to recommend a reputable insurance company. 

6. Enjoy Your Engagement 

As soon as you get engaged, don’t feel pressured to  jump into an engagement shoot or wedding planning right away. Take a few months to let the news really sink in. Talking from experience, I’d recommend you savour the moment as long as possible. Trust me, your fiancé will appreciate all the quality time he can get with you. Besides, if you choose not to have a planner on board, it’s likely you’ll be preoccupied with wedding planning tasks for the next twelve months or so. So make the most of your down time while you can.

7. Ring-fence A Few Dates

As a laid back luxury wedding planner, I’ll let you into a little secret. The most desirable wedding dates and intimate luxury wedding venues in London get booked far in advance. If you’re hoping to get married within the next 24 months it’s a good idea to start thinking about several desirable dates early on. I’d suggest no more than 24months in advance. Find out what works for you and your fiancé, then informally ask both of your families if they foresee any potential conflicting dates within the next 24 months. If you’re not ready to confirm your ring-fenced dates at this stage, let your loved one’s know that it’s early days and you are still exploring your options. 

8. Determine Approx Guest Numbers 

Whether you’re aiming for a big wedding or small intimate celebration, being on the same page about guest numbers is key to a smooth sailing wedding planning experience. Make a joint decision as to whether you need the input from your loved ones. 

Once you’ve agreed on a rough guest count, I’d recommend you allow a 20% buffer as a contingency. This will give you a little flexibility should you have accidentally forgotten to include an aunt you haven’t seen in decades. Remember, your guest numbers will drive your budget apportionment. So take as much time as you need to get it as accurate as possible. This will reduce the risk of costly guest count adjustments further down the line. 

9. Discuss Your Wedding Budget

As a newlywed, my own wedding costs are still fresh to mind. I understand that discussing your finances may be a difficult topic. And, in the grand scheme of your wedding preparations setting a budget this early-on may not be the most exciting task on your to-do list. However, before you can really move forward with any of your wedding plans, this is a discussion that has to be had, between you and your fiancé, and transparency is key! 

Without a proper budget to guide you through your wedding planning process, it’s highly likely that you could end up running out of funds before you’ve booked all of the suppliers that you need. So whether you’re a couple with a £10,000 budget or a couple with a generous £50,000 budget, it’s important you don’t shy away from this task. I’d recommended that you start tackling the budget topic soon, and decide on a budget that’s right for you both. If you’re struggling to put together a budget, or need help with anything else, then please do have a look at my wedding planning services or wedding planning power hours.

10. Consult A Wedding Planner Before You Book Anything!

There’s often a misconception that wedding planning services in London are for the wealthy bridezilla! Truth is, all of my couples are different and so too are their reasons for hiring me.

Most of my clients hire my laid back luxury wedding planning services because they have:

  • A demanding job
  • A young family
  • Lack confidence negotiating contracts and fine print
  • Had no interest in weddings until now (that was me).

Be under no illusion, hiring a wedding planner is not a budget option. But remember, while good planners in London aren’t cheap, they often pay for themselves with the savings they find elsewhere.

So, there we have it, my guide to the 10 things you need to do as soon as you get engaged. 

Useful? I hope so. Give me a call if you fancy a chat or follow my instagram page for more wedding planning tips.

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