How to plan a marquee wedding

How to plan a marquee wedding

So you want to know, how to plan a marquee wedding in the UK?

Marquee weddings are an excellent choice if you’d prefer the flexibility of having a blank canvas, want to get creative and put your own stamp on things. However, planning a marquee wedding involves multiple factors that must be considered before committing. 

Thankfully, East London Planner Marsha from Mollineau Weddings & Events is sharing her ultimate guide on how to plan a marquee wedding. Here goes!

Choose a date wisely

Choosing a wedding date is naturally the first step in planning any wedding. However, the time of year you decide to have your marquee wedding requires a lot of forward-thinking logistically.

For example. Although the summer months are synonymous with marquee weddings, the risk of heat waves is high in July and August. If you’re set on having your marquee wedding in the peak summer months, opt for a marquee where you can raise the sides, allowing excellent ventilation. 

I avoid incorporating anything prone to melting in the sweltering heat, including tall candles, chocolate favours, and more. Elements such as sweet treats, fresh florals etc, can still be incorporated. However, I display them at the last moment to reduce the risk of melting or wilting arrangements. 

You don’t have to write off a marquee wedding; if you’re considering a winter or off-peak month. They’re still viable. They just need a lot of forward-thinking and planning logistically! For example. I ensure adequate lighting and matting leading from the car park to the marquee and frequently visited areas on the grounds. Enabling you, your guests and suppliers to navigate without getting lost or stuck in the soft grounds, aka the mud.

A steady flow of adequate heating is a must pre-event to avoid condensation build-up. Additionally a constant flow of heat during the wedding is always a bonus. Moreover, be sure to have a strong contingency plan for gale-force winds and wet weather, as I did for Geraldine and Edmund at Brightling Park. Which leads us nicely to location, location, location. 

Find the best location for your marquee

Marquee weddings are a great option to allow maximum flexibility. At Mollineau Weddings & Events, I use many country house wedding venues. Country house wedding venues offer permanent marquee fixtures on-site or allow our couples to choose their marquee style. 

I can assist you in deciding on a country house wedding venue for your marquee wedding with some infrastructure already in place and a set location. Arrange a short consultation with me. I’d love to hear from you.

I enjoy providing options for suitable sites that’s easily accessible for guests and suppliers. For example, I will ensure you can capitalise on the natural views and have a beautiful backdrop to your celebrations.

Choose the perfect ceremony location

Most clients at Mollineau Weddings & Events opt for a combination of legal registrar and celebrant-led ceremonies. 

For example. If you’re holding your marquee wedding ceremony off-site at a church or registry office. Or perhaps a licenced room, you must consider how your guests will travel between locations. A shuttle service always goes down well. 

Planning a humanist or celebrant-led ceremony gives greater flexibility on the day regarding location. For example, you can hand-pick a beautiful spot on site with little restrictions. 

When planning outdoor ceremonies, we always factor in a contingency plan for the weather. If it is too hot. Maybe, your guests may need adequate shade, fans, umbrellas, etc. If there is too much rain, you’ll need some cover. Also, if it’s chilly, they will benefit from a blanket or two. 

Choosing the right size and style of marquee

There are so many marquee styles. From stylish stretch tents to teepees. From to light and airy sailcloth marquees to clear span orangery style and more. All kinds provide modern but luxurious marquee solutions for modern couples.

Sailcloth is one of our favourite styles and creates terrific light and airy spaces. Their high ceilings make them perfect for high-impact floral hanging installations.

Whichever style you choose, ensuring you get the right size is vital to your successful planning. We can provide various floor plans for you! Ensure enough space for your guests to be seated, room for a dance-floor. And freedom to hold reception drinks inside, should the weather offer you a surprise or two. Arrange a consultation here to get started. 

Insuring your marquee wedding

Securing adequate wedding insurance is another ‘essential’ when deciding how to plan a marquee wedding. Whilst advisable for all weddings. Wedding insurance is vital for marquee weddings. This is because you have much more liability regarding looking after the marquee site and protecting your guests when on the land.

Don’t overlook the catering

Catering is one of the main challenges when deciding on how to plan a marquee wedding. One which many of the caterers we work with are used to facing and should be able to accommodate. 

For example, with a marquee wedding, most catering teams require a tent that makes sense to hire from your existing marquee company. 

I work closely with your caterers to determine their size and specific requirements and find the best location for the catering tent without obstructing any views. 

Moreover, Mollineau Weddings & Events determine the safest and most appropriate access routes. Enabling waiting staff to wait tables and serve food without it getting cold wet or compromising on the quality of service. 

Decide if you need a marquee wedding planner or marquee coordinator?

Marquees lack the essential comforts that many typical venues would otherwise provide – usually, water, toilets and power! 

As a marquee wedding coordinator, firstly I assist our couples in establishing whether there is access to water and electricity at their chosen site. Knowing if there’s sufficient power for suppliers to be able to tap into is one of the most important things you need to establish when planning a marquee wedding. 

When all your suppliers are plugged in for entertainment, catering, refrigeration, music, lighting, portable loos, etc. It will be quite a hefty load on any electricity supply. Therefore I often prefer plugging into the mains and a generator to reduce the risk of power going down.

I will create site maps. And find it a great idea to help your suppliers know where to park, unload/pack up. Firstly, I complete a site visit which is an excellent opportunity to walk through things together. And understand the best layout and what’s required. 

Are you planning a marquee wedding?

Are you planning a marquee wedding? Do you want some advice? Moreover, if you’re looking for a coordinator get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

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Written By Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths | Award-Winning East London Wedding Planner

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