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Expert Wedding Planning Tips – How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding?

I guess you’re reading this blog because you want to know how long it takes to plan a wedding in London? Put simply, whether you’re planning your wedding yourself or leaving it to a professional wedding planner, timing is everything. Today our laid-back luxury wedding planner, Marsha, will be answering the all-important question: How early should I start planning my wedding? How Early Is Too Early To Plan A Wedding In London? Whatever your circumstances may be… consider this blog your personal guide to deciding how early you want to start planning your wedding in London. First things first, it’s all about finding the […]

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Wedding Planning – What To Expect At A Wedding Consultation?


Attending a wedding consultation can seem a little daunting. Chances are you haven’t done it before, so not sure what to expect? As you begin your search for a luxury wedding planner, you may notice that many luxury planners will offer a complimentary wedding consultation before recommending any of their wedding planning services. So, what does a wedding consultation in London entail? How Do I Prepare for a Virtual Wedding Consultation With My London Wedding Planner?  Thanks to technology, wedding planners are offering virtual wedding consultations in order to make sure you can plan your wedding while staying safe at […]

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Do I Need A Wedding Planner? – East London Wedding Planner

I suppose you’re planning a wedding soon and wondering if a wedding planner is worth it. The problem is there are so many wedding planners in London to choose from; there’s everything from wedding day coordination to complete wedding planning. Mollineau Weddings and Events even offer wedding planning sessions and workshops.  Today, as an award-winning East London planner, I’ll be sharing my top tips to make planning your wedding so much easier. Make sure you follow along to catch them all! Let me introduce myself before we jump straight in with: Do I need a wedding planner?  I’m Marsha, Founder of Mollienau Weddings and […]

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