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I suppose you’re planning a wedding soon and wondering if a wedding planner is worth it. The problem is there are so many wedding planners in London to choose from; there’s everything from wedding day coordination to complete wedding planning. Mollineau Weddings and Events even offer wedding planning sessions and workshops

Today, as an award-winning East London planner, I’ll be sharing my top tips to make planning your wedding so much easier. Make sure you follow along to catch them all! Let me introduce myself before we jump straight in with: Do I need a wedding planner? 

I’m Marsha, Founder of Mollienau Weddings and Events, an award-winning wedding planning boutique in East London. I concentrate on supporting my newlyweds to recoup some of their time so that they can focus on all the fun that planning a wedding brings. To help you navigate the world of planning, I will be sharing how all you need to know about wedding planning services.

So grab a cuppa and your favourite pack of bickies, sit back and relax as I take you by the hand and guide you through the world of wedding planning.

What is included in a wedding planner package?

Ofetn, as an East London wedding planner, I’m asked what full wedding planning services include:

  1. Full wedding planning is all about the logistics: getting everything and everybody in the right place at the right time.
  2. With a full wedding planning service, your professional wedding planner takes care of all the arrangements for you, from finding suppliers to finalising contracts. They get involved at the early planning stages and manage everything right through to the big day.
  3. And most importantly, your wedding planner takes the guesswork out of the planning process.

Instead of planning and researching everything yourself, you leave it to an expert, saving you time. At Mollineau weddings and Events, we use our skills and expertise combined with our network of award-winning wedding suppliers to ensure you have the wedding day you’ve been hoping for all along. Above all, full wedding planning isn’t a budget option. But remember, while good planners aren’t cheap, they often pay for themselves with the savings they find elsewhere. 

This early phase is all about the creative vibe you want on your wedding day. What’s the overall theme? What sort of atmosphere do you want? What aesthetic are you looking for? Moreover, how will your style translate into decisions about your wedding? 

Based on your discussion, your professional wedding planner will suggest ideas in areas from floor plans and lighting design. In addition to flowers, furniture, linens and attire. You can find out more about our complete wedding planning phases here. 

Wedding Planning Sessions

Wedding planning consultancy, also known as wedding planning sessions, is a vital part of the wedding planning process. Perfect for couples who choose not to engage in complete wedding planning services. Wedding Planning Sessions with Mollineau Weddings and Events provides an opportunity for newlyweds-to-be to check in with Me and troubleshoot any wedding planning dilemmas. Whether that’s apportioning your wedding budget, sourcing a vegan suit or choosing your wedding day theme. I’m always one click away

Do I Need A Wedding Planner And Venue Stylist?

At the event styling stage, your wedding planner will start working on creative specifics based on the aims you discussed during your consultation. In other words, this phase is all about hands-on wedding design and event styling in London. Working with a wedding designer, your wedding planner will help you turn those Pinterest dreams into a vibrant reality!

Are you scared of losing control? Don’t be. Your wedding planner will share everything with you at every stage, so you’re always happy with the way the event is shaping up.

Wedding Day Management?

In the final weeks leading up to your wedding, your complete wedding planner will coordinate ‘the dream team to work, create and execute the dream wedding we’ve spoken about for months. 

If you choose to work solely with a ‘month-of coordinator, they will only get involved from this point on. Regardless of whether you’re using a full wedding planning service in London or surrounding areas, they will have taken part in every conversation along the way, so they’re already up to speed as you enter the final straight. 

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