Wedding Planning – What To Expect At A Wedding Consultation?


Attending a wedding consultation can seem a little daunting. Chances are you haven’t done it before, so not sure what to expect?

As you begin your search for a luxury wedding planner, you may notice that many luxury planners will offer a complimentary wedding consultation before recommending any of their wedding planning services. So, what does a wedding consultation in London entail?

How Do I Prepare for a Virtual Wedding Consultation With My London Wedding Planner? 

Virtual Wedding Consultation In London

Thanks to technology, wedding planners are offering virtual wedding consultations in order to make sure you can plan your wedding while staying safe at home. 

Rest assure, wedding planning consultations can be done just as effectively online! Virtual wedding consultations, lets you hold a detailed discussion with your luxury planner. You can even share visuals without the need to meet in person. 

I understand first hand that, getting married in London is an incredibly exciting and happy time. It’s not unusual for you to feel that you must have all of your closest and dearest with you every step of the way. However, your first wedding consultation is usually an intimate meeting (with a confidential approach) shared with you, the professional wedding planner and your wife or husband to be. 

During your wedding consultation, you’ll be skimming over sensitive information, for example: your wedding budget, how much you are willing to spend and if there will be any financial contributions from family, and friends.

I’d recommended you and your fiancé/fiancée set aside an hour for your wedding consultation. I suggest you find either a comfy space at home, or an uninterrupted space with a strong internet connection. Avoid using a mobile phone, instead use a larger screened device, which will enhance your screen sharing experience. Last but not least, you’re welcome to bring a glass of wine, or something special to toast the occasion.

What If I Want To Meet Face-to-Face?

Wedding Consultation London

We have access to a wide selection of luxury hotels all over London, and pride ourselves on tailored experiences. Our luxury wedding planning consultations are deigned to make your wedding planning journey stress-free. Therefore we give our couples the choice to meet up at one of our offices in London, or for a more tailored experience we can meet at a luxury wedding venue in London, which reflects the style of wedding our clients want.

I’m Not Sure What Type of Wedding I Want, Can I Still Have A Wedding Consultation?

London Wedding Consultant

Wedding consultations are a vital part of the wedding planning process. This early phase is all about the creative vibe you want on your wedding day. What’s the overall theme? What sort of atmosphere do you want? What aesthetic are you looking for? Moreover, how will your personal style translate into decisions about your wedding? 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the type of wedding you want at this stage. Luxury wedding planners are experienced in lighting an imaginative spark with clients. Moreover they’ll use the consultation to get to know you and vice versa. 

Boutique soirée, simple but stylish, grand and lavish… whatever you’re dreaming of, our experienced London wedding planner Marsha can suggest a range of inspiring and clever themes for you both to choose from. 

What Happens After My Consultation?

Upon completion of your wedding consultation, we’ll write a tailored, fully costed wedding proposal explaining how we’ll create a unique wedding experience for you and your guests. We can work on the entire event or just the parts you choose.

London Wedding Coordinator

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