Wedding Planning Tips – Where Can I Buy A Wedding Dress In London?

I don’t know about you, but as an East London luxury wedding planner, I’m totally in love with London. I love it all: firstly, the diversity and culture. Secondly, the unpredictable weather. Thirdly, the charming architecture, moreover, the world-renowned street fashion. My list could go on and on forever, there’s never a dull moment in the city! As a luxury wedding consultant covering London, one of the first questions my clients ask me is “where can I buy a wedding dress in London?”

How Do I Pick A Wedding Dress Shop In London?

Image Credits:|Wedding Dress Available To Purchase At The Wedding Gallery | Photographer: Serena M Zerbino | Model: Chess Galea

I understand choosing where to buy a wedding dress in London will undoubtedly be one of your biggest pre-wedding tasks. For some London brides, wedding dress shopping will be a breeze. For example, they’ll have a clear vision in their mind, find the dress of their dreams and live happily ever after. However, for some brides, deciding where to buy a wedding dress in London can be very cumbersome and draining. For instance: Firstly, there are the sheer number of London bridal boutiques to consider. Secondly, there are a high number of variables, in addition to, the array of options that need mulling-over when selecting your bridal attire. Subsequently, attempting to figure-out which boutiques to visit, can be very daunting, time consuming, frustrating, moreover a waste of your time! 

Fear not. If you’re planning to walk down the aisle soon, and still wondering where to buy a wedding dress in London.  I’ll be your luxury London wedding planner for today. That’s right; I’ve done some of the legwork for you and curated a short list of London bridal boutiques, for your consideration.

Traditional, contemporary, couture, modern or boujee, whatever your bridal aspirations: I’ve got you covered. Ahead, and in no particular order (they’re all so good!), the great places to buy luxury wedding dresses in London. 

1. Dreaming Of A Luxury Couture Wedding Dress?

Phillipa Lepley - Luxury Couture Wedding Dress
Image Credits:|Wedding Dress Available To Purchase At Phillipa Lepley

Phillipa Lepley – If you desire a luxury couture wedding dress and are still wondering: where can I buy a wedding dress in London. Phillipa Lepley, located in the heart of Chelsea is one of London’s go-to atelier for immaculately tailored, bespoke wedding dresses.  

Having your dress designed by Phillipa Lepley is such a joyous affair! Above all, the renowned service is professional, unhurried and exclusive to every client. Lepley gowns are custom-made to enhance and flatter your figure, making them the ultimate in bespoke design for brides-to-be. 

In conclusion, if you want a flaw-sweeping couture wedding dress, fine embellishments and immaculately sculptured silhouettes. This boutique’s exciting one-to-one experience allows you to work together with your couture consultant to create your personal vision of perfection.  That’s right your dress your way! From the first consultation to the final fitting, each Phillipa Lepley couture dress is meticulously designed, precisely engineered and intricately hand-created for you.

2. Home To Luxury Bridal – The Wedding Gallery In London

Where To Buy A Luxury Designer Wedding Dress London
Image Credits:|Wedding Dress Available To Purchase At The Wedding Gallery | Photographer: Serena M Zerbino | Model: Chess Galea

The Wedding Gallery – Here at Mollineau Weddings and Events we’re in love with The Wedding Gallery. It’s a must-see experience for many of our clients. As far as gowns go, The Wedding Gallery is appointed as the UK Vera Wang Bridal Flagship store and is home to bridal brands such as Elie Saab, Oscar De La Renta, and Berta. Put simply, The Wedding Gallery is home to the best in luxury bridal. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a trend-setting statement gown that would rival red carpet celebs, this luxury wedding department store in the heart of London is for you! Situated in the basement of One Marylebone, you’ll be greeted by an attentive wedding gallery consultant . After that, you’ll be led to a stylish reception area and swept through a secret moving bookcase where the gallery opens before your eyes. It’s all a bit magical; for instance, you get to browse the world’s most sought after designer luxury bridal collections.

3. Where Can I Buy A Bohemian Or Non-Traditional Wedding Dress In London

Suzanne Harrington - Where to buy a wedding dress in East London
Image Credit:|Dress Available To Purchase At Suzanne Harrington Boutique

Suzanne Harrington – A bridal boutique in Walthamstow that means business! If you’re planning to say “I do” in an intimate chapel or a remote destination, Suzanne Harrington has got you covered. Think, whimsical, romantic, bohemian inspired. Suzanne’s hand made wedding dresses ooze sophistication. The flowy fabrics are elegant, modern and completely heavenly. Perfect for the free-spirited bride.

Don’t stress if you’re not sure where to start. Suzanne Harringtons bridal boutique is welcoming, warm and friendly. Above all, she has the expertise to sketch and design the most flattering silhouettes for your frame. Personalising your wedding dress, making it unique to you. So, if your looking for a splendid wedding dress that is light-weight, relaxed, comfortable, free-spirited and above all, a natural extension of your individuality, this could be the boutique for you.

4. I’m A Modern Bride, Where Can I Buy A Wedding Dress In London?

Where to buy a wedding dress East London
Image Credits:|Dress Available To Purchase At Davids Bridal

David’s Bridal – David’s Bridal houses a selection of American designers, including a personal favourite of mine: the legendary Vera Wang White collection.

The romantic staircase leading to the bridal suite, (exclusively for brides-to-be) is sure to inspire your own entryway design! I personally love the wedding dress consultation foyer. The soft romantic palettes, are sure to give a busy bride a sense of peace and relaxation after a hectic day of wedding planning.

If you view walking down the aisle as your own “red carpet” moment, the Truly Zac Posen lines may be just what you and your bridesmaids are looking for. An added bonus is the grand bride dressing room, which provides a beautiful opportunity for you to try your aisle walk . The atmosphere at this stage hums excitement!

5. I Want Luxury Designer & Exclusivity, Where Can I Buy A Wedding Dress In London?

Where to buy an exclusive wedding dress in London
Image Credits: | Peter Langer Francis wedding Dress Available To Purchase At Browns Bride

Browns Bride – the queen of bridal boutiques. This upscale bridal boutique is the perfect match for the independent, modern woman. Home to big name designers like Valentino, Peter Langer and Vivienne Westwood. In other words, Browns Bride is known for leading the way in luxurious, couture bridal fashion. The luxury boutique is a treasure house to the a wonderful selection of bridal gowns.

Above all, you’ll have endless fun experimenting with the refreshing diverse designer collections, offering twists on the traditional gowns we’ve come accustomed to seeing over the years. In conclusion, a visit to Browns Bride will prove very exciting for a bride seeking a memorable experience in a setting which hosts an incredible selection of exclusive, luxury wedding gowns.

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So that’s it, first we had Phillipa Lepley. Second, The Wedding Gallery. Third, Suzanne Harrington. Fourth, Davids Bridal and last but not least, Browns Bride. I really hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Please do follow our Instagram account, if you found it helpful. Alternatively, you can send me a direct message. I’d love to hear how your wedding dress search is going.

Above all, if you feel the boutiques I’ve shared today are not what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me. For instance, I’m always keen to utilise my little black book of wedding suppliers for my brides! In other words, I’ll handpick the best wedding boutiques in London for you, and have you saying ”yes to the dress“ in no time.

Marsha Mollineau-Griffiths, East London Wedding Planner.

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