COVID- Planning to Get Married During COVID-19?

The last few months have been strange and unsettling for all of us – even more so if you’ve been planning to get married during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, and weddings have been as badly affected as everything else. If you’re a London couple planning to get married during COVID-19, and ‘held out’ in hope that your original wedding date can still go ahead in 2020, the return of wedding ceremonies and receptions in London may be received as great news!

Will My Wedding Be Affected By Coronavirus?

The most popular question I’ve been asked this year is…“How Many People Can Attend My Wedding During The Coronavirus Pandemic?”

If you’re still planning to get married during COVID-19, wedding restrictions in London, may mean that you need to drastically downsize your wedding plans to meet the current 30 person limit. 

Planning a wedding in London is hard enough. However, when you have to consider cancelling, postponing or scaling back your special day, things get really rough. For example, you are facing some difficult decisions, and inevitably emotions run high.

If you’re postponing your wedding in London, we’d recommend contacting your wedding planner ASAP. Similarly we’d recommend notifying your planner if you’re going ahead with your original plan’s too.

What If I Don’t Have a Wedding Planner?

Have no fear. Firstly our London based wedding planner Marsha, has helped many couples in your situation. Secondly, She can fully relate to all the emotional, logistical and financial factors involved in rescheduling your wedding during COVID-19.

Thirdly, She has the expertise to get everything back on track. Moreover, with her advice, you can make the decision-making process far less stressful.

What Happens If My Wedding Supplier’s Aren’t Available on My New Dates?

Above all, the wedding industry has your back! The majority of vendors will be willing to accommodate as best as they can. However, if you’re finding your wedding replanning too stressful, you could always get help. For instance, you could arrange a complimentary wedding consultation with Marsha to discuss your needs.

She’ll work with her extensive portfolio of wedding suppliers, to speed up the wedding re-planning process. She has the ability to get super-quick answers about venue availability, supplier availability and pricing.

In conclusion, She’ll come back to you with realistic recommendations and help you notify everyone involved about your new plans.

I’m Planning To Get Married During COVD-19 – Where To Start?

Are you planning to get married during COVID-19? Need a little help or advice? Book your free initial consultation with our professional wedding planner Marsha. She’s happy to talk through your needs without obligation.

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