Marsha Mollineau
Learn to plan from a pro.

Newly engaged? Inspired to plan your own wedding? Marsha’s wedding planning hours can teach you everything you need to know.

Based in East London, Mollineau Weddings & Events’ wedding planning hours offer expert wedding planning advice and quick solutions to busy newlyweds-to-be who need reassurance now and then.

Learn your way

For professional planner Marsha, the perfect wedding day involves organisation, details, style, ambience, and logistics.
No matter the restrictions, our gifted planner, will share her expertise to bring the organisation, components, and techniques you need to craft your perfect wedding day.
During your wedding planning hours, you'll have the opportunity to chat through your wedding planning dilemmas, leaving no stone unturned.
Marsha will share her top tips and answer any specific questions and concerns you have via email, phone or virtually - the choice is yours.

A great way to learn

Forget online templates and one-size-fits-all advice. Marsha’s wedding planning hours are tailored to you.
Her style is warm, honest and empathetic, and she loves to share her knowledge and empower others.
You’ll come away buzzing with fresh insights to achieve great things on your wedding day.
It's incredible what you'll achieve together in 60 minutes.
You will leave feeling confident, refreshed and ready to continue your wedding planning journey with extra enthusiasm and renewed excitement.

What our wedding planning hours cost

Marsha’s wedding planning hours start from £59.98 p/h and are terrific value for money.
Please feel free to contact Marsha beforehand to discuss your wedding planning needs, alternatively go ahead and book your session below.